About the Author 1

Mark R. Clifford is a proud fourth generation San Franciscan, and the second-born in a Irish Catholic family of seven, making him a self-proclaimed expert in the pseudoscience of birth order characteristics. Mark served in the Marine infantry for ten years and as a Police Officer for over a quarter century.  TYPHOON COAST is about what still haunts him.

In the Marines, he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  Mark received Special Operations training while attached to the 3rd Marine Division, in Okinawa and was operating in the Philippines in 1991 during the historic eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

His law enforcement career was equally eclectic.  He rose to the rank of sergeant and served in a myriad of assignments to include SWAT and undercover narcotics.

Mark still calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. He and his wife have been married for almost thirty years and have raised three wonderful children. He has written for the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, San Leandro Times, and read his works at the famous Cody’s Books in Berkeley. Mark is a member of the International Thriller Writer’s Association, and Romance Writer’s of America.