In the Outside Land: Sons of the Desert Edition

Foreword by Mark Clifford Old Man Time wept December 30, 2020—the day he reaped San Francisco’s Cliff House. The iconic restaurant had been perched above the Pacific just north of Ocean Beach since 1863. The popular destination on the craggy cliff has joined all the gone places that once delighted San Francisco’s crashing coastline from […]

The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go

Who remembers watching the Batman TV series in the 60’s? Batman and Robin certainly knew how to model the humanitarian nature of bringing order to Gotham City. They were the quintessential beat officers armed with everything needed to de-escalate any deadly situation with Batman’s trusty utility belt. Their dialogue was priceless, with classic banter like […]

Three points of contact: Lessons from Warrior Week

Every mountain climber knows the “Three Points of Contact Rule”. Life balances on either two hands or one foot, or one hand and two feet to prevent falls. The rule is only broken when we reach our destination. I learned this in the Marines. I was with Special Operations Training Group where we climbed, day […]

Break out your map

San Francisco Bay Area Buried Treasure

I learned something very important about storytelling as a young cop. It wasn’t that I couldn’t tell a dramatic story, but I’d lose my audience at the second body in a multiple homicide scene. I discovered that the subject matter was just far too remote for a reasonable person to grasp. Before long I tried […]

Treasure Hunt

Life is a treasure hunt; seek, and you will find

All who have discovered the Typhoon Coast, “Welcome.” Mark R. Clifford here, author of the Typhoon Coast series. There is something about a treasure hunt that captures every imagination! Maybe it is our love for adventure or our passion for solving puzzles. Perhaps it’s just the excitement of knowing that there is something out there […]

Twenty-six and I was wealthy beyond imagination


The Philippines is a nation of 7,641 islands and just as many spectacles. June 1991, I was a Marine stationed on Luzon, the chain’s largest island, where fate had ushered me to a front-row seat to an epic adventure. While enduring the fatigue of jungle patrol, I’d befriended a Filipino selling machetes. He’d disclosed to […]

A passport to immortality

A Foreword This is a story about a man who’d long been reported missing, the now-famous Trent McShane. My husband. The procurement of legends had become his passport to immortality. I have not seen Trent for many years, and, contrary to popular belief, he had no sin to be forgiven—due to a few passages I’d […]

The Bean Hollow Museum of Spectacle

A fleeting shadow in the corner of the kitchen caught Tony’s eye. Its beckoning gaze had brushed the back of his head. An icy tingle stiffened his neck. Someone was watching him and ten thousand goosebumps followed. In his anxiety to see everywhere at once he heard clearly the pulse in his ears give a […]


Trent and Eddy were going on twelve when they conjured up the chivalry to see their first naked lady. Now they were hightailing it from an angry barker who was guarding the Condor Club as if he were a dragon protecting his lair. Eddy threw back his head and made a barking laugh, “Let’s skedaddle […]