“The Typhoon Coast is a rollicking adventure yarn that lets your imagination run wild.”
- James C.
“Readers who enjoy narratives with an inside view of law enforcement would be wise to consider the Typhoon Coast.”
- Eugene Alves
“A rollicking ride through 1980's San Francisco, through the vibrant eyes of a boy who loses his mother, and then his innocence”
- TR Watson
“Well done! A deft hand at imagery that reminded me of Stand By Me and Heart of Darkness."
- RJ Roberts

Re-Discover Story Telling

The Typhoon Coast™ Novel Series

Mark Clifford’s in-depth research and sourcing with military and law enforcement contacts fill each book with a sense of authenticity and bring his characters to life.


Mount Pinatubo explodes with apocalyptic fury, but does it take the Golden Lily Treasure with it? Trent McShane is not alone in the hunt. The trillions in treasure could afford the US Government incredible power in international affairs and bankroll the Nation’s Black Operations. It’s all fair game.



A mythical treasure came to Earth over two thousand years ago. The flaming incandescence possessed the power to produce immeasurable wealth. But does it fall into nefarious hands? The McShane saga continues. Extraordinary abilities are in play to save a city doomed to fall into the sea.

Winter 2023


The great Devil’s Sea has flowed into Subic Bay through Galleon Fathoms since the dawn of rules. Many disasters were born from this. It pours itself into its work of ebbing and flowing. Since things vanish into the Devil’s Sea and Galleon Fathoms, the depths alone endure to return what has been lost.

summer 2023

Tales of the Future

In words and pictures

Mystical Realism

“Life is a treasure hunt;

Seek, and you will find.”

Myths live amongst everyday life

Dispatches from the Typhoon Coast

The Fuck-It Bucket

Eddy and I slip away to San Juliana on a tassel-strewn, shiny red jeepney to meet my girl and her friends. The platoon calls Eddy Torres “E.T.” Eddy p…

In the Outside Land: Sons of the Desert Edition

Foreword by Mark Clifford Old Man Time wept December 30, 2020---the day he reaped San Francisco’s Cliff House. The iconic restaurant had been perch…

The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go

Who remembers watching the Batman TV series in the 60’s? Batman and Robin certainly knew how to model the humanitarian nature of bringing order t…
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$1,000 treasure hunt

grab your shovels

Find the treasure in the San Francisco Bay Area

A golden ticket for $1,000 in a golden case has been buried SOMEWHERE in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Seekers will find clues to locating the treasure in the pages of the novel TYPHOON COAST. The epic adventure that spans generation contains seven poems, ditties, and riddles.

Don’t hesitate.